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This is, of course, my stories page. I hope you enjoy these. Other stories by myself can be found at the Transformation Stories Archive, and I am a member of the mailing list attached to that site. Enjoy!

The TSA-Talk mailing list has been running since April 1996. You can find my new work posted there before it reaches this page.


Ever since I was a child I've been interested in shapeshifting. The idea of being able to become an animal, to see how they view the world through their senses, holds a very real facination. These kinds of stories are as old as mankind. Ovid's Metamorphoses and The Golden Ass by Apulieus are prime examples of this kind of genre. Mythology from all over the world has such tales. From the tale of Actaeon the hunter, who was transformed into a stag by the goddess Artemis in Greek mythology, to the weresharks of Pacific Islanders. They're everywhere.

But not until 1996 did I really consider trying to write it for myself. I joined TSA-Talk so I cound find the kind of stories I wanted to read, not to actually contribute. Then I posted the quickie that would become Winds of Change and everything did change. Writing has become the center of my life.

And with a good dose of luck, perhaps one of my books will be in Barnes and Noble one of these days.

I'm currently a student, going to California State University, San Marcos, majoring in History, with tentative plans for a Masters in Medieval History, or possibly Archives Management.

My favorite stories get a antlersnext to them. Ones with two are special in some other way.

Dragon's Greed

Takes place in the Dragonbane universe. I realize that since Dragonbane is no longer posted it's a bit of a nonsequiter, but I do like it anyway. It was originally intended as a retelling of the classic Beowulf for a creative writing course.


Winds of Change

A Teen Thing 

When you were a teenager, did you ever feel out of place? Like you didn't fit in? But maybe you didn't want to fit in. This is the story of just such a kid.

The Day the Universe Changed 

By Bryan Derksen. (Another WoC story. The first one written by another author besides me. :)

The Great Round Robin Experiment 

It all began rather innocently. After our "origin" pieces were done, I suggested to Brian Coe that we try out a little Round Robin-type story. Who knew? :)

The Teen Round Robin 

Yes, yet another Round Robin. This time with Doug Linger and Trey McElveen.

Minor Adjustments

A story that takes place two days after the Change.

Be Prepared antlers

A co-op story with Brian Coe. A troop of Boy Scouts off on a trip are suddenly confronted with the incredible, and must find their way out.

A Reach in the Dark

A longer, multi-part story that is as yet unfinished. New parts will be posted as I complete them.

The Wind of Change Story Archive 

Most of the stories that have been written in this universe may be found here.



Frost and Fire

The prototye story for this universe. Short as my stories go. The idea came to me in the shower. Written 1996.


This is a story for all you shark lovers out there.



The wreck of the Titanic holds a very special place in my heart. Few events in history have been so pivotal in my view. And I was very happy to come up with a story about it.

Written in the latter half of 1996. This was my second story after Winds of Change. And it was my first experience of actually doing reseach to assure some level of historical accuracy.

For sources, I used Titanic: an Illustrated History by Don Lynch, Titanic: Triumph and Tragedy by John P. Eaton and Charles A. Haas. Lastly, The Discovery of the Titanic by Dr. Robert Ballard. I wanted to be as accurate as I could. As with most of my stories, the parts start out short, and get longer for the most part, averaging out to ten pages for each.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

This one gets two sets of antlers because it is my favorite of all.

This is a companion story to "Titanic" above.  I suggest you read it first, but it's not really necessary.

I used a lot of sources for this particular story. In addition to those listed above, The Lore of Ships; which had more information and details about how ships are built than anything I could find. Several books in the Time-Life series The Seafearers: The Windjammers, and The Great Liners most notably. Somewhat inspired by the movie Titanic. Written first half of 1998.

The Blind Pig Universe

This is probably one my my favorite universes. I highly recommend reading the original "Tales from the Blind Pig" story before reading this. Then go to "The Buck Stops Here", "Remember When" and "Tis the Season". That way you have the whole backstory.

This story was inspired by my sister's wedding in 1997. Please see the Blind Pig page at the Transformation Story Archive for the rest of my characters' adventures.


Visionary Stories

A Universe created by my good friend Brian Eirik Coe. These are two of my shorter stories.

The choices we make have consequences we are not always responsible for...

Think twice next time you find a wallet on the street.

Metamor Keep

I've always liked fantasy universes. This particular story universe is the first sword-and-sorcery kind I've been able to write in. I have since withdrawn from this setting, and must request that my characters not be used in any way, as I have grown so out of touch with the setting that I'm not sure if they would exactly fit in. Please enjoy the stories, however. Thank you.

My character's introduction story to this universe.

Deer and dinosaurs have always been my favorites.



Here and There


This setting has led to something of a departure in any of the other settings I have written in. Please do not misjudge or misconstrue from the following two stories. I'm not gay, nor am I a transsexual. I have always been curious about any sort of transformation, and that includes being curious about the differences between men and women, and what it might have been like had the role of the dice come out differently before my birth.

Broken Mirror

Other Stories

The Sigh of Wind

This is what taking Philosophy 101 can do to you...


The Information Center

Want to write in the "Winds of Change universe? Click here!

A list of Powers for Winds of Change...


Drawings of My Characters

Self Portrait

By Jim Groat of Red Shetland fame. Drawn at ConFurence 10 "from life" as it were.

The real me

My Winds of Change character, drawn by Caribou.

A nice family

Also drawn by Caribou. My family from the Blind Pig universe poses for a family photo

That's Jimmy, the nonmorphic fawn about to bolt. He doesn't like cameras much...

Due to webspace constraints, I will not post a larger version of the pictures.

The drawings are © their respective artists.


All stories are copyright © by Jonathan D. Sleeper. "The Day the Universe Changed" is © Bryan Derksen.

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